Over Haul (2 separate days)

Includes full wardrobe inventory, reorganisation and clean out. Colour and shape analysis.  Finalise your wardrobe review with a shopping list of what is missing for your immediate purchases and later investments.

2nd Day

Full day shopping with Pip starting in the morning with everyday basics. Then after lunch we set off for the afternoon to find the new looks for the season. Each individual has different needs and expectations so your first consultation will be tailored to your needs.

Wardrobe Fit Out (1 whole day)

Includes full day shopping with Pip on your own budget from everything to swim wear to good fitting jean’s to that special outfit for a special occasion. Have a new wardrobe in a day and feel like a new you.

New Season Update (Half day)

Includes shopping with Pip on your own budget and updating your already established wardrobe with new key looks for the season. Or finding that special outfit for an event with the help and guidance in making you look your best.

Speed Style (2hrs)

2 hr personal style sessions are popular with time-poor career people, parents, and even teenagers for semi formals. Anyone who finds it difficult to shop for any reason, special occasion dressing (when you have a wedding or party to attend and nothing to wear), and as gifts – it’s the perfect way to say ‘here, do something for yourself, you deserve it’. This 2 hr session helps you in a variety of ways showing you what suits your body shape, colours that suit you, stores that stock clothing that work for you on your budget and your personality and lifestyle.

Gift Vouchers

What a wonderful gift to give someone. Unlike other vouchers a gift of style is guaranteed to be personal and unique. Whoever you have in mind for this special gift, your wife, husband, son, daughter or friend, even your Mum! They will be sure to love the experience of having expert advice on what makes them look fantastic and giving them confidence to feel on top of the world.

For further information or any questions you may have please contact Pip on 0425 756 083.


* Payment must be paid in 2 instalments – 1st on first consultation and remaining on the last day of service.
* All clothing and beauty services are not included in the stated price and is another expense on top of your consultants fee.
* All services are strictly private and confidential.