Styling and Fashion Parade Curatorial Services

I have had the pleasure to both work with and enjoy creative and collaborative event partnerships with Pip Addison for many years – both as fashion stylists in a commercial and editorial capacity and collaborators for several event fashion parades.

Since 2017 I have contracted Pip Addison to curate and present the fashion parade for the very popular, Cairns Amateurs Carnival Fashion High Tea event.  The parade is a highlight and integral to the success of the event that each year attracts up to 400 guests spanning residents, fashion lovers, racegoers, and visitors from intra and interstate.

In my opinion Pip’s delivery of this event is supreme and unrivalled.  She is a meticulous planner and so creative – directing all her energy and influence into making this event a success every time.  Every year she presents a fresh iteration showcasing the latest trends and forecasts and encapsulating looks for ‘every woman’ and gentleman – from brunch to lunch to cocktail bar.  In just 20 minutes she can ‘still’ and engage the crowd with a truly inspirational showcase for each particular occasion and in keeping with the tropical climate and laid-back vibe of Far North Queensland.  That is a real art. 

I absolutely invest my trust in Pip because she is so incredibly good at what she does and more to the point, I love working with her.

I strongly recommend Pip and am happy to discuss further on 0419 681 543.

Pip Miller
Pip Miller PR

Having Pip in my life has been a god send to me, as a busy business woman I have lots of things to attend but little time to organise what to wear so having Pip to organise everything from afar makes my life so much stress free (I live 8 hours away from Pip) not to mention organising a photo shoot to where she organised everything, I just had to rock up she had it all under control, outfits and accessories set up super professional all pressed and hung up!

 I love what Pip has done for me so much I was lucky enough to attend one of her shopping trips to Brisbane where she went all out and put so much love and care into each and every one of us, really taking her time to find outfits that will complement my personality! Not to mention the amazing hotel and all the dinners, wine tour and treats!!! 

It was a weekend of every woman’s dream that’s for sure, I arrive home refreshed with a heart filled with light and love and a suitcase jammed with new clothes and shoes! 

I also engage with Pip to organise and put together amazing gift boxes for my team of employees as I was not available to do so, I was over amazed at how awesome the gift boxes were presented and the content of the gift box was next level! She even went and bought a book I wanted each of them to have in there!  My team were beyond blown away! 

How amazing is it to have a wonderful woman on speed dial that can do it all.

Pips knowledge & understanding of body shapes & image is truly phenomenal and she really dresses my personality and I love that, her work is elite, professional and she goes away above my expectations every time! 

So glad I have found her in my life!”

– Danielle


I cannot thank you enough.

Yesterday we went to the lagoon and I actually swam! Instead of sitting and just watching. And today, I’ve been looking at day cares as a hot mum instead of a hot mess.

I can’t explain how thankful I am for your expertise and for taking all the stress and worry out of it for me. I had such a good day and feel like I’ve got my confidence back.

Grateful for you xx

Hi Pip,

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved and enjoyed being a participant in your 2 day over haul package.

It was everything and so much more than I ever imagined. I first saw a wardrobe makeover on TV over a decade ago and thought it would be too extravagant for me to entertain. However working hard and in my 40’s now, I wanted to have outfits ready to go for any occasion.

An exhausting but thrilling two days later I have emerged so much wiser and confident about the clothes I wear. My daughter comments on my outfits all the time and she was even excited about me taking her shopping for a formal party dress with my new found shopping skills.

Thank you so much Pip, I am forever grateful I took this leap and delved into your shopping world.

Warmest regards,

Good Morning Pip, 

Hope this finds you well.

I just wanted to say a major thank you for your help with getting my groove back with style.

My closet not only looks amazing but its my happy place and i get excited about choosing an outfit.

Thank you for spending time in getting to know me and the styles i love and just bringing that all to life.

I am so glad that i just went for it with getting your help because i have my confidence back. So thank you so very much for that.

I look forward to working with you again.

I love that you are not only beautiful on the outside but you are also beautiful in the inside.

Making me feel relaxed all throughout the session.

Sincerely, S

Hello Pip!
Thank you so much again for today! It was lovely spending time with you as always, and I LOVE what I got with you! I love that when I wear the items I purchase with you I feel sure and confident! You are amazing!
Feeling super grateful!
Laura Xoxoxo

“I was recently gifted a 2 day overhaul with Pip, and what an incredible experience!

After having two children in two years, and now being a busy mum to two toddlers, I was struggling to figure out who I was again, and what styles suit my new post baby body. I was holding onto lots of old clothes that no longer fitted me properly or suited me, and was reluctant to part with them as they were still in perfectly good condition. I felt old and boring and my clothes reflected that.

Then in came Pip! She made me feel so at ease and helped me to clear out my wardrobe. She gave me permission to part with clothes that I felt I should be keeping and left my wardrobe looking beautiful and organised, with space for new things!

The following week we went shopping for the full day. It felt as though I was shopping with a fun, helpful and honest best friend. She knew what colours and styles would suit me and ran around collecting different things for me to try in each store we visited. I had a wonderful time, tried on (and bought) clothes that I never would have looked twice at and came home feeling fabulous. I have a beautiful new wardrobe full of a mix of basics and quality pieces that I am excited to wear every day. I have had so many compliments on my new look, and I feel like me again. I once again have an identity other than “mum” and I am loving every minute of it.

Thank you so much Pip!!”.

– Laura xo

“I have for some time thought about working with a personal stylist but like many people I thought that they would encourage me to buy things that were not my style or that I wouldn’t wear and would regret buying.
Pip was recommended by a friend and I thought-“why not give her a go?”
I liked her website and she seemed grounded and professional.
I organised a session and she came to my house. We went through my wardrobe and chatted- she got to know who I was (that was really important to me) and we culled and re-organised- my wardrobe looked like one of those makeover shows! She showed me how to pick the colours that would suit me.
A few days later we went shopping.
Pip was so kind and gentle. It was like shopping with your best friend. I hate shopping but we shopped for 5 hours ( I have never done more than 1 hour and usually give up after 15 minutes). To be honest when we were finished I didn’t want it to end.
When we started I asked her to pick everything but by the end I was picking things myself, empowered by her.
Despite being so amazing, Pip is not expensive. She is worth every cent and more.
If you value yourself and perhaps more importantly if you don’t, call her and book session. I promise you won’t regret it and you will feel so much more confident and beautiful than you have ever felt before.”.

– Alison

“Thankyou Pip for doing what felt like the impossible with my clothes. I put it off for so long out of fear of getting rid of the old to make room for the new. I feel inspired and excited about my wardrobe again. You are beautiful inside and out.”.

– Hara Vardy

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Pip Addison during my role as Marketing Manager for Cairns Central.  Pip is highly professional and demonstrates a work ethic and dedication to her role which was always above and beyond expectation which contributed to the confidence and trust between us. Pip was engaged on a continual basis as a Resident Stylist for the Centre which included personal shopping experiences with our customers, and styling of our in-centre visual merchandise units and display models showcasing a cross section of products.  In addition, Pip was also contracted by us to style and project manage feature fashion parades from start to finish which were executed seamlessly with style and flair. I have no hesitation in recommending Pip and look forward to working with her again soon”.

– Louise Montafia

Just recently I had the pleasure of having Pip as my personal stylist and shopper for my initial uniform purchase. Pip started off by having an initial 5 minute chat to identify what I needed or already had to tailor our shopping to exactly what was required. We devised a plan and off we went, every single store person knew her by name and went out of their way to assist in finding what we were looking for, whether that was different sizes or styles in shirts or pants. Pip was also able to identity sales and bargains and knew exactly what each shop had on offer or how we could get better bang for buck. It was honestly the best shopping experience I have ever had and I don’t know if I can go back, I will 100% use Pip when I have an event coming up or another uniform opportunity. So thank you Pip you were professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable on fashion and styling.

– R.F

“My Mum purchased a gift voucher for me for a Christmas present, I strongly dislike going shopping! I am one of those, in and out type of people, I don’t have the time to go shopping and if its too hard to find something or overwhelming, I just give up.
I had a 2 hour experience with Pip and I went into it trying to keep an open mind but thinking that I wasn’t going to like it. The first 30 minutes was chatting through my thoughts and what I was after from the experience. From there, we went shopping… Pip was in her element! Understanding what colors suited be best, she was just grabbing clothes from the racks, then to change rooms and she was there the whole way judging each item on me and actually giving me an HONEST OPINION and showing me different ways as to wear the outfit.
I bought everything I liked, we worked with my budget and bought clothing I thought I wouldn’t. Next change of season, next shopping spree I intend to do it all again!”

– Sarah, SILK Laser Clinics

“Pip is a life saver! She is my secret helper, I run a busy business as well as being a mum and have very limited time to shop.  Often I just run in to the shops and end up buying things I won’t wear again or things I already have different versions of.  What I love about Pip is I she has my measurements, she knows my style and colours as well as my body vulnerabilities – which we all have.  I just show up – she has items selected for me and I walk out feeling fabulous and with everything I need on budget.  I used to think a stylist was only for high class fashionistas but Pip makes this service available for everyone”

– Kylie Cloney

“I was the lucky winner of Modern Style – Fashion Stylist’s Mothers Day competition from the gorgeous Pip Addison. Pip gave my wardrobe an overdue clean out, then took me for an awesome shopping trip updating what was missing. I couldn’t recommend Pip’s savvy and practical advice in making my wardrobe work for me and my lifestyle. She was full of so much practical advice and clever hints and tips! Also a big thanks and shout out to Cairns Central who contributed a gorgeous watch to the prize from ‘The Horse’. Feel like the luckiest girl. Thx Pip x”


“Pip I just can’t thank you enough!! I love all of my new clothes and can’t wait to wear them. I’ll definitely be getting in touch with you again when my wardrobe needs another revamp, but I’ll be sure to allow a bit more time next time. Have a great weekend!!”

Julie x

“I had a great time last night + absolutely loved my outfit! Thank you!!!”


“Thank you Pip for a hugely positive wardrobe overhaul experience. From the moment Pip arrived to undertake my wardrobe review, I felt instantly reassured that this was the right decision. It is immediately apparent that she is a total fashion expert and also a genuinely lovely person. Pip reviewed my current wardrobe and guided me through the process of keeping those items which are still fashionable, age appropriate and fit well and we ‘re-homed’ the rest. On the second day, we went shopping. I had a couple of upcoming events that I needed specific outfits for so we shopped for these events and also filled up my wardrobe so that it is now totally functional and I have something to wear for a variety of different occasions! For the first time, perhaps ever, I now look into my beautifully organised wardrobe and see numerous fun outfits that I am excited to wear!

I always thought that stylists were for Hollywood stars and not for normal people. But, if you think about it, then enlisting professional wardrobe help makes total sense. Especially if you are time pressured due to work or family commitments, or, maybe if you would just rather spend your time doing something else rather than shopping, then you need Pip in your life! She truly is amazingly talented and gifted at her job! She whips through shops, selecting appropriate styles and sizes in no time! I have never been part of such a high yield shopping experience in my life!”

Thank you Pip !! Anita

“Thank you for your amazing help last night accessorizing my outfit for the weekend.
I love what we picked & how you put it all together. Jewellery that I wouldn’t have even considered.
All chosen within an hour & most of it on sale!”


“Thank you Pip for helping me out for my informal. Love my complete outfit so much. I am so grateful for your assistance and time, I wouldn’t have got there without you!! Xxx “


“A HUGE THANKS Pip Addison for sorting Miela’s upcoming Informal Night outfit.
Your expertise and guidance at choosing dress, shoes, accessories unquestionable. on trend and appropriate for the occasion (and age of wearer). Your beautiful and enthusiastic approach instilled Miela with the confidence to be sure of her choice. Furthermore for also sorting Hair and Make-up. 2hrs with you brought an end to the stress of time spent shopping around and arguments which we had endured in the weeks prior. Very happy”

Barb & Miela Anich xx

“Had a great day with Pip! Found some lovely clothes that I would never have dared to even try on. Thanks so much Pip! Feeling fabulous after losing 27 kilos and gaining a new wardrobe!!”


“I live in Darwin, and had been in contact with Pip months prior to my Cairns holiday to plan a consultation during my upcoming holiday.  I engaged Pip to assist me in finding some corporate and casual clothing, accessories and advice on colour palettes to suit my complexion.

Due to positive changes in my career circumstances, I felt that I needed to find a consultant I would be comfortable with. I found Pip to be a professional, yet approachable and genuine person who assisted in finding quality pieces of clothing within my moderate budget.  

The 1/2 day shopping consultation was an enjoyable experience, one which I approached with an open-mind.  Pip makes you feel very comfortable and guides you through the experience.  It is also a great learning experience seeing what clothing styles look best on you!

Her ability to respect your budget, prioritise clothing pieces and ensure that selected clothing pieces are versatile is something I personally appreciated.  

Pip does her very best to ensure that you receive maximum value out of the shopping experience.”


“Pip, thank you so much for your time and attention on Friday. I really enjoyed having you with me to choose dresses and it was great to try styles that I wouldn’t normally go for. I have picked up a few of your hints and I look forward to meeting you again to have another shopping experience with your advice.”

Kind Regards. Pam

“Hi Pip,
Just a short email to say thanks for getting me out of my fashion rut! The session with you really helped me see that I had lost my way and started dressing like an old(er) lady – no wonder I felt so frumpy before!
I received some great compliments on my outfit at the awards night last week, and re-vamping my work wardrobe has been a great boost for my confidence. All this has motivated me so much! Some time this weekend I plan to do a wardrobe cleanse – I think I will require a glass (or two) of wine to tackle that though!
I look forward to making another appointment with you in a few months to further update my wardrobe. You really are great at what you do.
Thanks again,”


“After working closely with Pip on a number of editorial projects over the last 12 months, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Her approachable manner and outstanding communication skills, ensure that any assignment she undertakes will be completed with the utmost professionalism.

By keeping abreast of trends both locally and overseas, she has played an influential role in the development of our publication, and continues to inspire our readers with her creative flair for fashion and incredible eye for detail.”

Kate van Eck
Editor, Oasis Magazine

“I would like to Thank Pip for a wonderful shopping experience. Pip taught me a lot about fashion and accessories and what I can wear and to be a young 50.
I have struggled with fashion for a long time, Pip taught me what buy and how to wear it and what accessories will work. I am now confident to go shopping and have a lot of fun.
My wardrobe now looks amazing and exciting. I now have for the very first time, ” a little black dress”.
Once again, I can not thank you enough. Thank you Pip”

Cheers, Alfina

“My 14-year-old daughter has her first Semi-formal coming up later in the year. We were overwhelmed and had no clue where to start looking for the “right” dress. That’s where Pip steps in!

Pip helped her pick styles, colour, length’s, accessories and shoes that made her feel special and glamorous. Pip was extremely professional and easy to engage and discuss issues that concerned me.

Regarding age appropriateness. Fourteen year olds are not women yet despite what they think. Pip was sympathetic to me and made my daughter look and feel a million dollars. We are thoroughly grateful for Pips expertise.”

Thank you Pip. Sarah

“I would like to say a big thank you to Pip for helping me choose THE dress for my wedding.  From the underwear through to the jewellery and even going through pictures with me to look for a hairstyle.
On a day where I thought I’d be stressed, Pip made it easy and was so professional it was a great experience.
Thanks again Pip!!”

Regards Lisa Laurenzi

“Pip did an amazing job transforming my wardrobe. She had years of rubbish to clean out and I wish I had taken a before picture. As a Mum with two small children, I always came last – money was spent on everyone else first, before me.
In two short days Pip will change your life for the BETTER!
Pip worked within my budget – which was amazing as I really had to get a complete new wardrobe even down to underwear and makeup. And not to mention the shoes!
After my two days with Pip I was left with no dilemmas in what to wear, and if clothes I had looked nice on me. My Husband has been very thankful that I am not moping around the house before we have an evening out saying I have nothing to wear! I actually look for places I can go to wear my lovely outfits.
I cannot believe the job she has done and she hasn’t tried to make me into something I am not. She has listened carefully to me, but at the same time added in things to push my boundaries and get me to develop a personal style. You will not believe the little things that have made a huge difference!!
#1 a gorgeous pair of Jeans – have made a huge difference in my style
#2 awesome gym outfit!! I now look trendy and extra slim while working out!
#3 accessories – what a difference adding some ‘bling’ to your jeans and shirt makes.
This is something I thought only ‘Famous’ people did – but it is NOT!!! And I can’t wait for another shopping trip with Pip in the future.
Thank you Pip for all your help – It really has changed my life!”

Tina Nissen

“First off I want to say thank you for such a great experience. I loved absolutely every moment and I know that I can now confidently walk out of my house looking great.

Ever since I went shopping people at work have been complementing me on what I’m wearing and they are even making comments like ‘Gosh I feel so frumpy next to you’. I’m definitely taking that as a complement.

So thank you once again. You have definitely got me sorted for quite some time in the clothes department!”


“Thanks to Pip @ Modern Style, I have finally found what I have been looking for! I started out always looking in my overflowing wardrobe and thinking I have nothing to wear! Always getting upset that I could never look as trendy or fashion conscious as the person next to me. It was then I started to investigate into a stylist.
Pip has been amazing; she sorted me out, cleaned out my clothes that I had been hanging onto for years. Pip developed a strategy plan including hair and makeup, opening my eyes to what was already in my cupboard, teaching me to match things and accessorise, taking into consideration my lifestyle and what I wanted to get out of this experience. I wanted to have a hassle free wardrobe, look and feel fantastic. Pip took me out shopping and taught me some valuable lessons about shopping for clothes.
One year on, I am feeling so great about my fashion choices, continually getting compliments on my clothes and how good I look! I cannot begin to thank Pip enough for what she has done for me. She is always there when I need a consult for ideas for upcoming events! Thank you Pip for all your hard work!”

Sarah Faint.

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Pip from Modern Style for helping me put a new outfit together, she gave great advice on which top, shoes and accessories to get and even down to nail polish, can’t get better than that, now for the big night out girls x”


“Dear Pip,

Thank you so much for such an amazing day of shopping.
You made it such an effortless experience , your caring and relaxed manner put me at ease immediately and the day seemed to fly in a flurry of clothes, shoes and laughs.
You are the ultimate professional and your insight and understanding of what suited me (and my budget) and tips on how to mix and match and accessorize to get the most out of an outfit, were invaluable.
I have loved all of the pieces we chose and love the fact that they can be worn in so many combinations.
Thank you for your wonderful patience and great advice. You not only transformed my wardrobe but also my whole outlook and helped renew a confidence in myself that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Can’t wait to do it all again…”

Michelle McCoy

“Hi Pip,
I so enjoyed my day with you and find it hard to believe I have not done this sooner. I found you easy to be with and very caring about my feelings. I loved the way you were able to fit so many items into our budget and I have learnt so many small tips from you which I am trying to implement every day. I have consoled myself by working out that I have spent far more on clothes throughout the year and half of them are neither stylish or well fitting and certainly dont mix and match with everything else.
I am definately going to do this again next year, I wish you all the best, look forward to seeing you again.”

Kind Regards, Jacqui

“Hey Pip!

First off I want to say thank you for such a great experience. I loved absolutely every moment and I know that I can now confidently walk out of my house looking great.

I cannot speak highly enough of Modern Style’s Pip. Not only did she make me feel great, but she also made me look great. The entire experience from the very beginning was just fabulous. I learnt that ‘I can look great, in a really simplistic and stylish way’.

I absolutely loved going shopping and am already feeling like I can pick out some fabulous clothes that suit my personality and my figure. Pip, thank you so much for giving me the confidence to look great each and every day.”

Cheers, Stacey.

“Hey Pip

Thank you again for all of your help, I have been complemented on every day (which makes me feel great 🙂 )

THANK YOU !!!!! You may be getting a few calls over the next few months.

I am still getting people saying how lovely I look, and asking me where I got me clothes from, I feel wonderful and it is all thanks to you…”

Cheers, Kelly Stonehouse

“Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to Modern Style. Not only did I love my shopping experience, which was absolutely fantastic.
I also feel refreshed & energised after my wardrobe makeover.
I have learnt essential style & fashion tips. Along with great advice on the best clothes and accessories for my figure.
My makeover has given me a new lease on life, I am now excited to get dressed and head out.
I can not thankyou enough for inspiring me!”

Lisa James

“Hi Pip,

I can not speak highly enough of you and the service you provide I am constantly recommending you, so once again a big thankyou,”


“I’m pleased to recommend the excellent services provided by Pip Addison. Right from the start Pip understood my lack of fashion knowledge and the problems I had when choosing clothing.
Her clothing choices fitted not only my personality but also my budget and lifestyle to a tee, I now feel comfortable and stylish when I walk out the door whether it be for dinner, coffee with the friends or even with the kids.
I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Modern Style!”

Leah Appleton

“I just wanted to thank you once again for giving my wardrobe a new lease of life and for showing me your fabulous shopping tips. Although I had always enjoyed shopping for clothes – now I LOVE IT! You helped me choose items that better suited my body shape, could be mixed and matched with existing clothes and other new pieces and most importantly were great value for money.
Your knowledge of fashion trends was amazing and although I like to have my own style, it was nice to know what not to wear and it was great to know what the look of next season will be. Your retail background was really helpful in teaching me about the particular sizing that different stores have, and now I avoid the stores with sizes that don’t sit well on my frame. This has also saved time, which I never seem to have enough of!
I really enjoyed our day together and after our shopping expedition I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to wear something from my new wardrobe – especially the silver sandals which as you predicted have become a fashion favourite this season
I have recommended you to all of my friends and can’t wait to go shopping with you again for my winter wardrobe. Thank you so much for re-igniting my passion for fashion and helping me to make myself look and feel great. You’re a legend!”

Mandy Tiffany

“What a difference!! My wardrobe was a collage of items from years gone by, the sentimental, the never worn and the just too small, I had the classic never throw anything out wardrobe.
Pip made it easy to decide what should stay and what should go, helping to replace discarded items with updated pieces while utilising what already existed in my wardrobe.
The shopping day was great, Pip manages to take you out of your comfort zone without making you uncomfortable and her knowledge is obvious throughout the day.
I now try on things that I would not have before and think about how it will work with what I already have, I’m no longer overwhelmed when I open my wardrobe, I will definitely be shopping with Pip again.”

Rachel Crouch

“It was time for a change.  I had moved house 3 years earlier and there were a bunch of clothes in my wardrobe that had not been worn since the move.  I had the frequently worn clothes in the front of my drawers, and a compost pile of unnecessary stuff at the back.
I never paid any attention to how I looked, and frankly, even if I wanted to, I had no idea what looked good on me.  I grew up in a country town where you wore your good double-pluggers to special occasions.  Which is simply to say that I wasn’t raised in a place where you paid attention to how you looked.   I never bothered to learn about any of this.
Knowing this, I called in the cavalry.  Pip and I had met some time earlier through a shared friend, and I remembered that this was what she did.
Two hours into the process, I had given to Lifeline 10 years worth of accumulated junk.  That alone was worth it.  After my shopping trip with Pip, I now own only clothes that fit, look good and are good value for money.  Some of these are new, some from my previous collection.

Short term Benefits:

  1. An interesting day out, experiencing a whole new way of thinking about clothes & shopping
  2. Clothes that were based on what I needed (actually needed, not thought I needed) and my budget. This is not about just going out and spending mega-bucks on ‘the hot look’.  I did need some fairly formal office wear (for a new-ish job), but the majority of the time was spent on good-fitting, appropriately styled basics.
  3. Good value shopping. Pip knows where all the specials are and gets you good deals on what you’re buying.
  4. A whole new understanding of what sort of clothes to wear, not wear and when.
  5. Frank, fearless and female advice on what worked and what didn’t.

Long term benefits

  1. I will no longer waste time looking for the few decent things I owned amongst the dregs, and can confidently dress in very little time for any occasion.  This will save me a lot of time in a month, and I’m not burdened with the clutter and mess in my wardrobe.
  2. I will no longer spend good money on clothes that are the wrong size, wrong style, or which I will not be comfortable in or just don’t need.  How many t-shirts do I really need to own?  I know what I need in my wardrobe, and where to get it at the appropriate level of quality and price.
  3. I’m now confident that I can dress well and appropriately for anything.

I would recommend Modern Style to anyone who wants to think about how they look and how they present in work and social settings.  If you’re perfectly happy with the status quo, this may not be an experience for you, but if you want to change, or even think you want to change, the guidance is well worth the price.”

Brad McCulloch.