Tips for the Season


It is almost Summer!! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. It’s time again to add some beautiful new pieces to your wardrobe and what an exciting range that is hitting stores as I write this!! This season it is all about colour, colour and more colour! Other must haves for the season are the flare, the blazer, ¾ pants and anything white just to name a few. Below I have tips of what to look out for in store and other key looks that are all over the catwalks around the world. It is a tough time for a lot of people financially so it’s time to be a little budget conscious and invest in quality classic pieces and for all the other add ons look for the look for less in your favourite chain stores.

Tax returns have arrived or are slowly making there way to your bank accounts so it is a great time to give yourself something back!! Something to think about could be a wardrobe update with me by your side. This is a great way to help give you a confidence boost and make you feel good about yourself. If you are planning to get a promotion or go back into the work place after being at home due to being a mum for example, or just feeling tired and frumpy, it’s worth getting some advice on what suits your body shape and what are the right looks for the season, colours and appropriate styles of clothing for your lifestyle. This in turn will make a huge difference to how people judge you and how you feel about yourself and the best part about a wardrobe consultation is that you stop wasting money on clothes that sit in your wardrobe that don’t suit you or you don’t know what to wear it with.

Ciao for now, Pip 🙂

Brights are the new Black

This is something that is very strong down the runway in the latest fashion shows! You will be seeing bright bold colours everywhere, the great thing about colour is that it can instantly lift your mood and embraces fun! Blocking your colours together is also a hot look for this season and there are some gorgeous colour combos that look amazing together! Look for inspiration in magazines and in your favourite fashion stores to get ideas. If colour is not your thing then go for the next best thing and add a pop of colour with an accessory – be it a new hand bag, shoes or nail polish!

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are perfect for the tropics and are easy to dress up or down. They suit most shapes, by adding a belt if you are heavier through the thigh will emphasise your small waist. If you are busty then wear one with straps and show off your cleavage. Big arms?? Wear a long necklace to draw attention to the centre. Look for straighter cuts though as some maxi’s can have a lot of material in the skirt and can make you look like you are in a tent. Long flowing skirts are another favourite and the choices are endless, just remember to give yourself shape with the top you choose otherwise you can look boxy with oversize tops, leave that look for the catwalk.

70’s Revival

70′s inspired looks are everywhere this season, it’s time for those high waisted flares and shift dresses to enter your wardrobe again! You can wear them from work to play just by changing your accessories. There back, so get your legs into a pair and add some wedge heels! Another sister to the flare is the clots yes you remember them and they are hitting stores now.


Distressed denim is still big as well as skinnies and COLOUR is big also in the denim department. As I mentioned above Flares in denim is hot! Add a tailored jacket for an instant chic look or a long slouchy tee for that cool no fuss casual take.

Stripes and Spots

Never really goes out and always is a good staple to your wardrobe. It can be worn by all ages and goes back great with all your basics, like denim, shorts, skirts etc. Keep in check though of the stripe or spot that you choose, make sure it suits you as it can be unflattering if the pattern is too over powering.

White Hot

There is nothing better in summer then wearing white, it looks amazing with your summer glow and always seems to make you look elegant and modern. From loose fitting pants, to a maxi dress, to a bikini, even a corporate suit you will see white everywhere.

Other key looks

Sheer fabrics are so feminine and look amazing on. A sheer sleeve does wonders too for those of you who like to hide their arms.

Suede is popping up so look out for that coming into next year. Also “brown” will be the new blk for 2012.

Wedges wedges and more wedges!! Every girl needs a pair in their wardrobe this season. They are so practical, they give you instant height which we all love not to mention more comfortable then a stiletto, go with almost everything and come in every price point, Every ones a winner!

Lastly accessories are all about colour as well so from handbags to nail polish to beads it all goes. Sunglasses are a real fashion piece that can make a statement so look around and find a pair that suits your personality. Cross over bags are a come back for this season also and are great when you are shopping as it leaves your hands free. 🙂